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Faith & Learning Resources: Welcome

Writing Your Faith and Learning Paper

This page provides resources to help students write their "faith and learning" paper as part of Fiat Lux or for their required Old Testament or New Testament courses. This means that you will be exploring the relationship between your major or vocational interest and the Christian faith. Most of your instructors will expect you to read some or all of a book that relates the Christian faith to your major, so this page will help you find your books. 

You should begin with the "Faith and Learning Collection." This is a collection of over three hundred books on the main floor of the library. Go to the circulation desk, turn left, and go through the door on your right. You'll see the books on either side of the doorway, arranged by major.

There are plenty of books in this collection to choose from, but if you're looking for other books that relate the Christian faith to your major, click on the link below, and look for your major.


Christians who made a difference in their world

Resource Guides for Faith and Learning

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